The only PICK Chart that Works For Remote Teams

You’re a lead of a remote team. Life is good but busy. You are always getting new feature requests from your customers and your TO-DO list is only growing with time.

At some point, you realize that you’ll never be able to implement everything on this TODO list 😱. Ideas need to be prioritized somehow.

Bosses want results. They want them now! You’re supposed to know which features will take the least time to implement and at the same time bring the business results to satisfy the stakeholders.

But how to prioritize a list of features with a remote team? 🤔

Stuffing everyone in the same room and voting which ideas get the highest priority is easy. Except that flying everyone in the same place would break the bank 💸. You’ve tried to have an entire team on a video call before and you already know that this leads to more troubles than resolutions.

How will you solve that? You’ll need some superpowers.

How about leveraging your entire team’s knowledge to achieve this superhuman level of making the right decisions quickly? 😎

In our team, we had the same problems described above and we couldn't find the tool that would help us collaboratively vote on feature requests remotely. So we created a DigPick, a PICK chart tool for remote team voting.

It allows you to create a new survey, list the relevant ideas and send unique link to your team to vote on the 2D chart. Once your team completes the voting (which usually takes only minutes), you get back the list of all the ideas, prioritized by the time to implement and the impact it will have on the business.

Now you don’t rely on your intuition anymore, but you have a summary of the entire team’s knowledge at your fingertips. It’s easy to decide. You start with the ideas that are easiest to implement and will have the biggest impact.

Give DigPick a try and start making better decisions with the help of all team members.