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Start making better group decisions with a visual voting tool

Ideal for project leaders of remote teams who want to identify the most useful ideas with the help of every team member.

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Why DigPick?

Being a project leader is a huge responsibility. The best project leaders are the ones who make the least number of wrong decisions. Since you are only human, you cannot always know everything, so it’s OK to ask your team for help.

Why pick DigPick.

But, asking your team for their opinions is always a gamble because alpha extroverts express themselves entirely differently than quiet introverts: and, here, DigPick voting tool can help you out.

Read on why DigPick is a must-use tool for remote teams.

Get your team’s measurable opinion on which ideas have the highest impact and can be implemented in the least amount of time.

Create your first PICK chart

How DigPick works?

Let say that you are a project leader of an online app. Your customers submitted a dozen feature requests, but you cannot decide which one will bring you the best results in the least amount of time. It’s time to ask your team for help.

How DigPick works.
What DigPick is?

What DigPick is?

The PICK chart was firstly developed by Lockheed Martin for lean production, and it helps agile project leaders identify ideas that have the highest payoff and can be implemented in the least amount of time.

DigPick takes a step further and implements group voting where you send a link to every member of your team and get back their average opinion, which is presented on a chart that allows you to easily decide which ideas to implement first and which ones to immediately kill.

Matrix voting

Matrix voting

As people, we much more easily express our opinion by putting a dot on a scale, rather than expressing ourselves with words. You, as a project lead, want to get more quantitative results that are not based on the vocabulary of a voter.

Two custom parameters

Two custom parameters

You are not limited to using DigPick only on parameters such as difficulty in consideration, but you can use it for other pairs too (i.e. Urgent/Important, Personality/Expertise).

Anonymous voting

Anonymous voting

This allows your team members to express their honest opinion without being afraid harming their status in the company.

Start eliminating decision-making mistakes and get your entireteam’s opinion presented on a chart.

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